Types of Financing

401K Roll Over/Business Directed Retirement Accounts (BDRA)

What Does a BDRA Do? 

  • Allows clients to invest retirement assets directly into their business. 
  • There are no penalties, no tax, no loans, no banks, and no credit. 
  • Client uses retirement assets to purchase equity (stock) in their new or existing company. 

BDRA Criteria 

  • Have at least $50,000+ in a retirement account with a previous employer (i.e. 401(k), IRA, 403(b)). 
  • Looking to buy or start a business. 

Benefits of a DBRA 

No Loans, Banks, or Credit Checks
With no involvement from external agencies, the client has complete control and freedom of their business cash flow and investment strategy

Debt Free
There is nothing better sounding in business than being completely debt free. Our program starts the business debt free with you answering to no one.

With this program you can reach profitability faster because no money is going towards paying back loans.

Any amount can be transferred over. We can even combine multiple retirement accounts.

Our Process & Summary

  1. NO Shortcuts. Competitors jeopardize their clients.
  2. Attorney review at every step of the process.
  3. Rollover all their money, Only invest what they want
  4. 5 Years of FREE business support.
Who Qualifies
A suite of products for people who have money saved in retirement accounts (401(k), IRA, etc.) These programs allow people to use these funds for business or investing purposes without the tax penalty. Typically must have at least $50,000 saved in eligible retirement account. This program contains a one time fee regardless of loan size.

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